November 2021 Newsletter

November 2021 Newsletter

Private Lake Pursuits.

It was late November and I made my way to the private lake for my last session of 2021. I arrived early evening at around 6pm, with dusky light levels and a storm and brewing I swiftly got set up and the rods out for the night

Come the morning I awoke early and set about searching my swim with the marker float looking for the most presentable clear area possible.

I found a zone at 16 and half wraps and started out with helicopter setups incorporating downfall leaders, size 4 turndown hooks & fast sinking hooklink whipped into kd-rigs with different coloured wafter hookbaits.

The start of the session drifted by without any indication of fish being in the area, but with a storm now in full force and single figure temperatures at night it was to be expected. I could do nothing but sit on my hands and await the weather to subside, crossing my fingers one of those bobbins pulled up tight.

12 hours passed without a beep and a change of tactic was required, in with the helicopter leaders and out with solid bags.

Size 6 anti snag hooks, 4inch super soft hooklinks & trimmed hookbait neatly tucked into small bags of pellet were deployed.

Around 8.30pm that night I managed my first bite and after 3 days of waiting it was certainly welcome, a lovely looking mirror weighing in at 21lb 9oz.

The following morning my slumber was ended with a second take, this time a scale perfect common of 20lb 3oz capping off a tough 4 night session.

Product Focus

Skinline Soft Hooklink

The Skinline soft hooklink is a high quality coated hooklink designed with the true carp angler in mind.

A durable yet supple outer coating makes this material suitable for creating a variety of rigs.

Its properties will ensure your rig follows the contours of the subsurface seamlessly, it has a high knot strength and transitioned colour to further aid presentation.

Supplied on 20mtr spools and available in autumn & summer camou, 20lb & 30lb breaking strains.

Vardis Cup 2021 – Take 2.

With the June 2021 event being somewhat of a disappointment on the fishing front the team are full of anticipation leading into the second leg, this time being contested on the well renowned Brasenose 1.

The weather for the December dates is due to be great with over cast conditions and the air temperatures upward of 10⁰c.

With the draw being completed the week prior, this is sure to be a hotly contested match on water that throws up some serious weights all year round.

Keep your eyes peeled for the results.

Family Focus

A hugely successful fishing year for our Belgian team member Antonie De Naeghel concluded at the end of November with a very special moment.

Antonie’s son Lars really wanted to independently land his first carp and he did so in style, 2 bites in as many minutes with the moment captured in this wonderful brace shot.

Well done guys!