August 2021 Newsletter

August 2021 Newsletter
Sharon Witherbed’s short session success.

It’s totally understandable that not everyone, myself included can always spend hours on the bank.

Busy working lives, family commitments and lifestyle choices all play there pat and sometimes short sessions can be just as productive.

Spending time walking around the lake searching for those all important signs of fish before settling on a swim can be extremely beneficial.

Paying attention to your surroundings will usually give an indication as to where fish are at any time of year, showing fish, fizzing or bubbling, subtle water vortex or a colour discolouration are all key signs.

I personally like to have everything prepared prior to my lap of the lake i.e. rigs made, bait prepared, and in a position to travel as light as possible.

Having a bait and terminal tackle range you are confident in is also a must and my go to bait is brand is Vardis, I absolutely love it.

 My go to rig has to be the blowback rig made using the extremely sharp GV-5 euro hook & mud brown skinline, it’s worked everywhere I’ve gone both home and abroad and I’m yet to be let down.

Product Focus:

Downfall Leader Line.


Lead free leader material where permitted is fast become a popular alternative to both lead core and tubing

Not only is it softer and more supple it sinks like a brick once the fibres have taken on water or is pre soaked in a liquid attractant of your choice.

Our downfall leader line is incredibly easy to splice, it comes in 2 colours with a breaking strain of 45lb and on 10 meter spools.

If you haven’t yet seen this leader material in action then you really are missing a trick.

Hurley’s Hauling.

A huge congratulations goes out to promo team member Paul Hurley for qualifying into the final of the FODCAC 2021 event.

Paul overcame a local brick pit during his semi final with depths of up to 40ft.

He impressively landed several carp including a couple of cracking 20lbers to breeze through and comfortably win his semi’s.


Vardis attended the final at Lydney boating lake in support of this fantastic local event and although the weather was a bit of a wash out the fish certainly played ball for those competing.

Paul came out of the draw last and was left in an unfavourable open water swim, his hard work, determination & tactics however saw several carp pass over the net cord including a repeat capture of the same 20lb mirror in a matter of hours. He even managed to grab a photo with the legendary Dave Lane who was made a guest appearance and evening slide show in support of the event.


He fished hard throughout and led the match at one point but with the fish moving out of the area during the latter stages he was unable to keep the bites coming.

Come the final whistle Paul managed a hugely respectable 2nd place finish and with 100+ anglers entering this event should be extremely proud of the achievement.