September 2021 Newsletter

September 2021 Newsletter

Dan Nightingale’s Step by step solid bag set up.


Dan use’s the 45lb downfall leader in camou green, 15lb abrasion resistance pitch black braid, size 6 gripper hook, 85 x 100 pva bags, size 8 swivel and a 3oz flat pear in line lead.

Step 1 – Cut approximately 1mtr of leader material; splice the leader to the swivel one end and a loop in the other. Run your prepared leader through centre of an inline lead and pop the swivel into position.

Step 2 – Cut off around 6/7 inches of hooklink and tie a hair loop, using the hair end tie a 2 – 3 turn whipping knot roughly opposite where the barb would be so it fixes the hair in place, then tie the knotless knot using 6 turns, followed by tieing a decent size loop using the figure of 8 knot, the finished is between 3 – 4 inches including your chosen hookbait.

Personally I prefer to use a small dumbbell wafter or a 10mm pop up with a size 1 shot to the hair so it doesn’t lift the hook.

Step 3 – Attach the rig to the leader set up by passing the loop through the swivel and then passing the rig through the loop, pull down tight to secure

Step 4 – Take an empty pva bag and quarter fill with micro pellet, drop in the hooklink making sure the hookbait is tight to the side. Lower in the lead ensuring the stem is central and continue to fill with pellet until 3 quarters full.

Step 5 – Once the bag is 3/4 full and the lead is covered I then lick & twist the pva around the stem usually around 4 or 5 times before holding in position. I tap the bag in the palm of my hand in order pack down and compress the pellet. Once happy that the bag is as compact as possible I take around 9 inches of pva tape and wrap around the twisted neck tieing off to secure.

Step 6 – I then push the corners in and fold them over, doing this a couple of times can help compress the bag even further, once happy, lick the corner and stick down making sure you hold it there for 5 seconds. Once both done, I then trim the excess pva around the neck of the lead, leaving you with a nice, compact solid bag.

Dan’s top tip:  By positioning the hookbait on one side of the bag, filling with pellet and then dropping the lead in opposite, the bag will always land lead first meaning your hookbait will be presented perfectly on top.


Have a go for yourself, get them in the pond and catch some bangers.

Dan Scoops this month’s Promo team member of the month award after this fantastically detailed step by step guide…

Well done Dan, a mystery prize will be added to your next order.

Product Focus

Abrasion Resistant Braided Hooklink.


Abrasion Resistant hooklink is soft, supple braided hooklink that can withstand up to 400% more friction than other uncoated braids.

 Available in 3 different colours & 3 breaking strains 15/25/35 on a 20mtr spool

Perfect for those weedy water solid bag situations!

Welcome Aboard:


Due to an impressive forest of dean carp angling championship win Ricky Tedstone of Herefordshire was duly offered a position on our UK promo team.

He wasted no time in putting some of his FODCAC prize winnings to good use under testing circumstance where dense pads and birdlife are somewhat prolific.

Check out these cracking fully scaled bangers respectively weighing 18lb 10oz & 21lb 11oz landed from hit and hold situations using the size 6 boilie hooks.

Father & Son Success.

Our promo team father & son duo of Gary and Connor Yeo enjoyed a fish filled session together at embryos Norton Disney, here’s what Gary had to say…

After rushing around to find a swim rather than find the fish I was in a peg with a nice marginal area including an island, I decided to fish one rod down my left margin and the other two rods on a 6ft bar that ran off the island at 12 and 1/2 wraps. I opted for a solid bag approach using the trusted size 4 and 6 gripper hooks in barbless, and I tied them using a few different hooklinks including the super soft moss, fast sinking & abrasion resistant braids, all rigs were tied at 3 to 4” and as always they were up to the job of landing a couple.