June 2021 – Newsletter

June 2021 – Newsletter

Vardis 2021 Social

The sun was high in the sky and the air temperatures upward of 20⁰c when 25+ anglers descended on the beautiful Horcott lakes in the Cotswold water park.

With the draw complete and rules declared the anglers took to their swims to compete for the very first Vardis Cup, little did we know that the fish had other ideas with the lake only giving up 5 of its residents in the 48 hours we were on site.

The management team set up base camp across the wide open space in front of car park swims in order to run socialise and facilitate the match. There was little to suggest that these were the swims that were going produce the goods, with a barrage of floating weed to deal with the rods were flicked out resulting in 3 of the 5 lads teasing carp over the net cord.

Unfortunately the wider event ended without a competing angler having put a carp on the mat.

 None the less it was a fantastic weekend and enjoyed by all with the prestigious trophy going back into the cupboard for another days angling…

Product Focus - Gripper Hooks

What carp hook to use and in what situation is a question all anglers ask themselves at one point or another.

Is it sharp enough, is it strong enough, is it the right pattern or even the right shade in colour.

Well look no further than the Vardis Gripper, our best seller by far and for good reason.

Chemically sharpened and ptfe coated to ensure minimal glare, a fine wire gauge but extremely strong.

You want sharp hooks well we guarantee there are none sharper.

Available in 10’s, 8’s, 6’s & 4’s Micro barbed and barbless.

Upcoming Events

Forest of Dean Carp Angling Championships